Brand New Beginnings.

I know I haven’t blogged in awhile, and honestly, I completely forgot about this blog.

I pretty much lost my “touch” in writing.


All is not lost and that is why I am writing this now.

Expect to see this blog changing. BLOSSOMING! Changing its direction in what to post and new topics. Topics that will have you scratching your head. Topics that will give you HOPE and PASSION.

All by the GRACE OF GOD. Yep. God is the reason why I’m writing again. He has placed it so deeply on my heart and I can no longer ignore it anymore.

So here goes! To brand new beginnings and a fresh start in CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD AND SAVIOR!

Now I expect people to unfollow me or try to convince me not to go in this direction. That is not “politically okay” and I’m to say, that is okay. I am prepared for that now. God has prepared me for that and at this point, I don’t care what your opinion is on how I run my life. God runs my life and I am here on this earth SOLELY to please and serve Him and fulfill my God-given purpose. My words for those that oppose what I plan on working? May God bless you in so many ways that you could never IMAGINE in a million years and touch your life to receive His AMAZING Grace and Mercy and loving kindness and all the good that comes along with serving Him. You will be satisfied all the days of your life.

WHOOSH! The Holy Spirit is giving me words to write lol definitely did not mean to write this long. But I will save that for a later post.

As for now, this blog is currently under construction.. Here is what YOU should plan to see change on this blog:

  • Change of URL and name of Blog. (As God gives me the name for it I will change it, until then, it will remain as this current URL.)
  • Change in topics of posts. (Whatever the Holy Ghost wants me to write about, I will write about it.)
  • I will be deleting all previous posts, as said in the title, this is a brand new beginning for me.
  • And so so so SOOOO much more to come!

I am SO excited at the direction my life has changed and excited to see where God takes me with all of this. I hope and pray that each and every one of you have a BLESSED and WONDERFUL day!


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