Baby Steps.

Wow. It’s crazy. I have to share this because it has been a LONG day.

Before I fell asleep last night, I was given a topic by the Holy Ghost [the title] of what to write today. I didn’t know what I was going to write about or how it figured into my life at that moment, but lo and behold, today I understand why I was given that topic.

I didn’t know then, but I know now.

I’ll admit today has been a rough day. Battling with my emotions and thoughts. I overslept and didn’t get to spend my time with God today like I normally do before I go out for the day. I was lazy haha. I woke up at 6am but laid in bed until about 9am.

Today has been overwhelming and a bit frustrating. If you follow me on twitter, you know that I have been going through some amazing changes these past two weeks. All by the Grace of God. But with me? I tend to rush things a little bit (Oops!) I like to be changed right then and there so when I mess up, I’m like ugh! I did it again! One of my weaknesses I guess you could say lol.

I honestly was not going to blog today and I’m currently blogging from my iPhone. So this won’t be the perfect post. But I just wanted to share my epiphany.

Even though you may not see your future right then and there, God has it all laid out for you. You have absolutely NOTHING to worry about.

That right there just made me increase my faith in God another ten fold lol.

Time to take a step back and start doing baby steps instead of getting WAY ahead of myself haha I can’t expect things to change over night. 😉

I hope everyone has an amazing and blessed night/day!


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