Why I GoGo Dance.

Hey everyone! Another one of my pre-planned posts 🙂 I just have so much to write about and wanted to get it done now so I don’t forget later today haha. Not only that, but I know I will be too busy to do much writing today, so I decided… Why not get it done while I cannot sleep? Might as well be productive!

First and foremost, I will say yes I am a Christian, yes I love God, yes I obey all of the commandments He has placed before me and I’m done feeling bad for wanting to be a dancer. God wants followers that are fruitful, not those that practice rules and regulations just out of habit. God is my life and if something ever comes in between me and my love for God, then yeah, obviously I will cut it out of my life… But so far, I have not had that problem with GoGo Dancing. People in my life understand and respect my beliefs and know what I do and do not tolerate in my space, but they also know that I don’t judge them for what they do either. That’s the beauty of it all. Respect and Love, which was something we talked about yesterday. 😛 Balance is key. God will always be first in my life. Nothing will ever come before God.

Why I GoGo Dance?

I think this is something I should make very clear to everyone that knows me.

I GoGo dance because of my love for music. I GoGo dance because of my passion for dance. I GoGo dance to spread my joy and love to others. It is very different from being a stripper and no, we are not glorified strippers. Yes we wear lots of makeup and accessories, and yes, we wear fake hair and wear costumes. BUT OUR CLOTHES STAY ON. Kind of like regular dancing (ballet, jazz, lyrical, etc.), just look at their performances. The only difference? We do it in a nightclub.

I know my place. I know my motives. I know my heart. And so does God.

When I turned back to God in the past month, I felt so much anxiety about me dancing. Does God approve of what I do? Is God really okay with it?

I stressed about it for weeks on end. I pulled myself out of dancing so I could figure out my LIFE. And just tonight, for the first time in weeks, God gave me peace over it. No, it’s not something I plan on doing forever. Heck, I don’t even know if I’ll be doing it for 5 more years. That’s totally up to God. But for now, I’m going to enjoy living in this moment, God’s moment. He told me He saw my heart and as long as I keep Him first and practice the fruits of the Spirit (something I did not have before I took this MUCH NEEDED break), I can go back to dancing.

Simply put: Balance is Key.

If I ever find myself putting dance before God again, I will pull myself out again until I have balanced things. But, for now? I’m at peace. And I’m fine with that. I refuse to have religious nuts (Yes, there’s a huge difference in being a TRUE and FRUITFUL CHRISTIAN that follows God with LOVE and PASSION and then just being a ritual based Christian based on habit. I’d rather be the first one, thank you. True love for God.)

Yes I also do other types of dancing and do it to glorify God. This isn’t the only type of dance I do, but it’s one of them. I’m a flexible, mostly freestyle dancer and dance every type of music. My talent is God-given, and no one can take that away from me. I am blessed by God Almighty, He gets all of the glory in everything that I do and I promise to remain true to that when people see my work and if I don’t hold up to my promise (because we are human and makes mistakes and fall short of God’s glory EVERY DAY) someone, please call me out. ❤

By the way guys, if you have not gotten M.I.K.E.S. new album World Citizen, it is a must! I’m over here dancing and in Dance Music heaven!

Be blessed guys! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful night/day wherever you are!

❤ Dancing Dreamss.

P.S. Unless you know 100% someones life (which you don’t, only God knows someone 100% of the way.. Even WE don’t know 100% of ourselves, that’s why we depend on God for our decisions), don’t judge what they do based off of what you see. You don’t get to see their personal life or what they do behind the scenes or what REALLY goes on in their lives. Just mind your business and worry about you. 😀


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