The Devil Is a Liar!

I just want to make a short post about what happened to me tonight, which will explain to you all why I am up at 6am in the morning! LMBO!

I heard on Preachers Daughters, a phrase that completely stuck out to me. “Christians are held up to the standard that we must be happy ALL THE TIME. To put on a mask like everything is okay 100% of the time. That’s not the case. Christians have feelings to and we are to be honest.”

I must say, I am growing very quickly in The Lord this past month. Apparently it is shifting something in the spiritual world because the devil really attacked me last night!

I was reminded of my weaknesses. I was called a weak Christian. I was blinded for a temporary moment and acted out how my old self would act and you know what? I shot the devil down in a hot second!

When the devil sees you growing in The Lord and no longer knows where you are headed, he gets DESPERATE and will try any and everything to get you to lost focus.

I lost focus for a second. I lost 6 hours of sleep and have been up for 20 hours. But you know what? In a matter of hours, thanks to the devils attack on my mind… I am now CLOSER to God. In that small amount of time frame, God revealed to me a few things that I had been asking for.

I’ll tell you right now guys, when you ask God for something, be prepared to not only receive it; but to also endure it. Be READY for what you ask for. Otherwise, it will catch you off guard. Know your authority and speak it and the devil will flee from you! In Jesus’ name! Let him know that your past is no longer an issue, that you’re a new creature, and you’re not afraid to mess up because you’ve been made new in Christ! Hallelujah! That makes me so happy. Speak the truth y’all and he will surely free from y’all!

Have a wonderful and blessed day/night!

❤ Dancing Dreamss.


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