Hey everyone! As promised, a little bit late though LOL I would blog about this topic.


I find myself suffering from this A LOT more now that I’ve changed. It is definitely of the devil. Reality check: NO ONE can be perfect, no matter how hard you try to be. Just because you make a mistake doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Trust me. Brush it off your shoulders and move on and try better next time. Simple as that. Learn to relax instead of worrying about making things perfect. Now, that doesn’t mean do as you please and be sloppy, that is DEFINITELY not what I mean lol. What I mean is, just be yourself and chill out and let God handle what you cannot! Might as well understand the fact that everyone can and will make mistakes. Even the Bible is very clear about ALL OF US, each and every single one of us will fall short of God’s glory but yet, He still loves us the very same. Nothing can separate us from Him. Not what happened last year, yesterday, five minutes ago or tomorrow. Nothing. So just relax.


We are made perfect in Christ. We cannot be perfect on our own or please God. That is why we have Jesus. We really need to learn the difference between being perfect in Christ while still making mistakes but not falling into perfectionism when we do one little thing wrong. Stop over magnifying a little tiny mistake! God knows our nature and what we are going to do, His love will still remain the same. How can we expect God to work on us, when we’re so stuck exhausting ourselves trying to please God in unhealthy ways? You want to know what pleases God? FAITH. Faith is what MOVES God. Not us earning His love, but just that simple, mustard seed FAITH. How can we even achieve that FAITH when we are so focused on trying to be perfect?

We are sinners, always will be sinners, but because of Jesus, we have been set free of bondage. We can change if we have faith and don’t grow weary. We need to trust God and be patient that He’s working in and through us.

TRUTH: We will ALWAYS fall short of God’s glory, so keep your eyes on Jesus and look at yourself through His eyes. He see’s the good in you and everyone in this world, regardless of whether you see it yourself or not. So choose today to see the good in yourself and not in your faults. Look how far you have come and how much you have grown in such a short amount of time instead of focusing on how much you have left to grow. You are changed whether you believe it or not.

You are perfect and beautiful as you are. Point blank period. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Don’t allow yourself to tell you otherwise either.

I hope and pray this has helped someone as much as it has helped me. I want to be a game changer, a mover in the souls of people, a lover to those that consider themselves unloved. Well, I’m here to tell you right now: You are loved, regardless of whether you see it or not. You are beautiful, whether you believe it or not. You have a purpose in this life, whether you know it or not. You are simply amazing just the way you are!

God loves you and so do I! 🙂 And I hope and pray that all of you who are reading this right now see it!

Love you guys and God bless each and every single one of you! Hope y’all have a wonderful and blessed day!

Remember, someone out there is thinking about you, loving you and praying for you. Whether you see it or believe it.

❤ Dancing Dreamss.


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