Kingdom Focused.


Hey wonderful and beautiful people! Today I will be posting via iPhone so this post may be a bit off or a little shorter than usual. My apologies!

How is every doing this week so far? I hope every one is having a blessed and wonderful week! If you’re not, please remember that joy comes in the morning. Do not allow your feelings dictate how you will act throughout the day. I learned the hard way that feelings can lie to you. So make yourself be joyful regardless of how you are currently feeling or whatever your circumstances may be!

Today’s topic will be on being Kingdom Focused.

If you are a child of God, you know exactly what I am talking about when I say “Kingdom Focused”. You are not focused on the things of this world, but that which is pleasing to God. Things that will last you that of eternity!


God made us to be spiritual beings. To live life in abundance, filled with peace, joy, love, and kindness to others. Unfortunately, when sin and the devil entered the world, we all died spiritually. We were eternally separated from God.

Then God sent His wonderful and most precious Son to save us all from spiritual bondage! To set us free from all chains that keep us locked up from spending eternity with Him! His love and saving grace saved us from eternal damnation!

Unfortunately, most of the world today (and even before), live under their fleshly desires, things that don’t even last forever. Why? Because they are spiritually blinded by the devil. They just don’t know any better! They don’t see the things above or focus on the forever! I was once there myself at one point in my life.

My point here is guys, don’t be blind spiritually. Get yourself kingdom focused and prepare yourself for eternity! It is coming sooner than you think, in fact, the Kingdom is already here!


I want everyone to meditate on something this week:

Look around you and see who you can purposely bless this week. Whether it be with your words, actions, or giving the homeless guy that you see on your drive to work everyday some money. Whatever it may be. Focus on furthering God’s Kingdom.


God bless everyone!

❤ Dancing Dreamss.



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