Time to Take Action!

Hey everyone! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve last blogged on here… My deepest apologies! Things have been so crazy and hectic my way! Lots of amazing things have been happening though, I will tell y’all that!

To be honest, I did not plan on writing again until June, only because I wanted to get a few things done before I started blogging again. However, God has prompted me with a sincere urgency to blog RIGHT NOW and to continue blogging SO that is what I will do. Even when I don’t feel like it.


Today I want to just talk about some things that have been happening in my life and I want to take a closer look at faith and taking action.

I used to think faith was just all about believing in God to do something. I really, honestly did not know it included ACTION. And. That is when my emotions kick in.

I don’t have enough to do this or that… But God is asking me to do it anyways. Hello! I’m stuck in between stepping out in faith and being realistic. But God is not realistic, let’s just all realize that right now.


Stepping out in faith involves action. Sometimes that action will give you fear. That is okay. If you know for a solid fact that God is calling you to do something, know that He has His divine favor already in what He is asking you do, all you need to do is just go for it!

Ask God for courage if need be and thank Him for it, because remember, God gives you all things good. That includes courage to do even those things that you are afraid of doing. That is a known fact, so it is already in His perfect will so therefore, you already have courage, you just need to tap into it.

So with all of that being said. I want everyone to take a look at my life and what prompted me to even write about this subject. I don’t write about it unless I am living it. I am writing this to you guys not only to give you inspiration, but to also release my “fears” of what I think of this situation.

Here goes:

So God called me to do something 2 weeks ago. I’m not going to directly state it QUITE YET because God has told me to keep quiet about it until it manifests into my life but realize that I only do stuff that is in God’s will for me.

Doing it is not the difficulty here, it’s what God is telling me to do beforehand that I’m having trouble grasping.

I have very little money to do what God is asking me to (when I say little, I mean LIIIIITTTTTLLLLEEEE) but He’s asking me to take a huge step in faith and apply for what He wants me to do, even though I have little to no money for it. I know if God asks me to do something, He will provide a way to take care of me. That’s not the issue I have. The issue is doing the ACTION part. Sometimes I just feel like, ‘If I don’t have the money now, what’s the point? I can’t just make a dumb decision’ even though God has made it quite evident that this is something He wants me to do. When? I’m not sure. But He wants me to apply for it NOW. The urgency in my spirit is NOW.

You see guys, just because I speak faith and trust in God all the time, doesn’t meant I don’t have moments I am scared to do stuff FOR God! like right now, I’m scared to send out these apps in fear that they are going to ask me to come out there and I won’t have enough money! But God keeps telling me to step out and have faith and send them, even though I can’t see the whole staircase right now. Truth be told, this is the FIRST time I’ve done something as drastic as this with my faith, so it scares me.

My encouragement though? God’s promises that He will follow through for me. Provide for my needs. Be there for me. Give me favor, wisdom, grace and mercy when I mess up. His promises are endless and never return to Him void. So in the midst of me being scared, I can hope in that very promise that He will do His part and follow through. I’ve got that guarantee because guess what; I’m doing His will AND I am His beloved child. Now THAT is MY confidence. My hope. My faith. My EVERYTHING.

I have faith that this blog post will bless someone who needs it. You guys are wonderful and oh so beautiful! Thank you SO much for taking the time out to read this! You guys are LOVED beyond your wildest imaginations! God loves you and so do I! Be blessed, wonderful people!

❤ Dancing Dreamss.


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