Fighting Temptations!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful and blessed Saturday! I definitely have and God has shown out, once again, in some of the most amazing ways!


God is so TRULY amazing! So wonderful and powerful! Whoosh!

The title explains today’s blog post in so many ways.

If you follow me on twitter (@TinyLilDancerr), you know that today was Women’s Ministry – Sisters Helping Sisters, at my church today. What you don’t know is that this morning I was so tempted to just stay home and sleep in. I woke up at 9am feeling groggy, unmotivated and honestly did not even feel like being bothered AT ALL. Usually my mornings are greeted with joy (most mornings, not all LOL) but today for some reason, I just could NOT find that motivation to drag my butt out of bed!

The devil finds so many ways to keep you hindered from hearing the Word of God and that’s not to say that I had no parts in the way I felt this morning, because I definitely did. However, I believe satan used that as a foothold.

I had stayed up until 5am that night because I was working on my dancing. I just could not, no matter how hard I tried, fall asleep! I think I laid in bed for like an hour and a half before I was just like, ‘Okay, let me just get up and do something productive and maybe I will get sleepy at some point’ and boy was I wrong. LOL! One thing turned to another and next thing I knew, I found myself sleepy at 5am.

Now, if you know me well enough, you know that me staying up until 5am means I don’t wake up until the afternoon. NOT EVEN KIDDING. Unless, of course, I have to do something that day. I am naturally an insomniac. Period. If I don’t follow a very strict sleeping schedule, my whole sleep pattern goes out of whack! Even if it’s only ONE DAY! I literally have to retrain my body to get back on to a normal sleep schedule.

I thank the Lord for giving me motivation this morning, though. because had it not have been for God, I would definitely not have made it to the Women’s Ministry today. It blessed me in so many ways! I got confirmation after confirmation from God! It was like, He was directly speaking to me and boy WAS HE! All the speakers that spoke today at the Women’s Ministry blessed me SO MUCH! I loved it! Not to mention I now have confirmation of the big things God has planned for my life now. All that’s left for me is to actually DO IT.

God is waiting on me now.


God still wants me to keep my plans on the hush hush, though. So you guys will have to wait until all of these EXCITING things I have been talking about, manifest into my life. Besides, I’ll let my actions speak louder than my words. Let my light be an example!

I don’t know about you all, but I am SO excited at what God has planned for my future! This is just all so new to me but it feels SO RIGHT!

It definitely pays to surrender your all to God. It definitely pays to be faithful to God. It definitely pays to be obedient and humble towards God. And it sure does pay to be a servant to God! He is so wonderful and magnificent!

My message in this blog post:

Don’t fall into your temptations! GOD gives SO MUCH hope for us all! Remember, Jesus was tempted too! Did He sin? Nope! But He knows EXACTLY what we are going through and what YOU are going through is no different from other people. We all experience the same temptations at some point in our lives. Some, more than others. But just because you are tempted, does not mean you have to fall into it! Pray to God! Ask Him to deliver you and show you a way out! He promises in His Word that He provides a way out of EVERY SINGLE ONE of our temptations! All we have to do is yield to it and Him!

God bless y’all and I pray this blog post has blessed you like it has me! BE BLESSED!

God loves you and so do I!

❤ Dancing Dreamss.

P.S. Whoever is reading this right now, go do what you have been waiting on. Your time is now. Stop waiting for the right moment. Just go do it! God be with you!


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