Discernment… And WHY It Is SO Important!

Dear lovely sisters of the Most High King! Understand right now, that you are precious in the eyes of the Lord! Regardless of what you have been through or what you have done, let me tell you right now… YOU ARE FREE!

That doesn’t mean continue to do what you are doing now that is causing you pain and heartache, but that means 2,000 years ago, you had a loving Savior that took ALL of your sicknesses, diseases, pains, struggles, sins, etc., just so YOU wouldn’t be in bondage to satan and his LIES anymore!

This is why we need discernment SO BADLY! Especially here in these end times!

Satan will send people/things on assignment to you to DISTRACT you from God’s assignment to you. Please DO NOT fall for it! Align everything you do and have with the Word of God! Cry out to Him, dear sister, before you make hasty decisions and do not ignore Him when He tells you to leave something/someone alone. He tells that to us for our own good! To save us from self-destruction! You are worth WAY MORE than that, beloved!

How to have TRUE discernment and know what is right and wrong for you?

Soak yourself in God’s Holy Word each and every single day. Align everything up to His Word and if it doesn’t align with what it says, it’s safe to say that you need to discard it IMMEDIATELY! No waiting around on doing it, get it over with NOW!

So many of us (myself included) make decisions based on self. We don’t take God’s Words into consideration when we make decisions. We always think we know what’s best BEFORE God. We blatantly and even intentionally ignore Him even when He’s told us multiple times not to do something, just because it’s not what we want.

Sister, this is an ugly thing called PRIDE and we must rid ourselves of it immediately or we will SEVERELY suffer the consequences down the road! Eeeekkkk!!!!!!

If you are questioning yourself right now, on a decision you have made about something or someone, it’s safe to consider, is this really what’s best for me? It could be God tugging at your heart to let something in your life GO. And trust me, He wouldn’t tell us to get rid of something to hurt us. No. He does it to make us better. To prosper. He looks at our eternal future, not our temporary happiness. HE CARES ABOUT YOUR SOUL, LOVELY SISTER!

This is something I honestly did not want to blog about at the moment, especially this late at night. But all day, it has been tugging at my heart to be talked about. So here I am. Just doing what the Holy Spirit has asked me to do.

Ladies, I only do this because I care about and love each and every single one of you. I am in no way shape or form, perfect. Far from it. I am still a sinner, in need of Jesus’s saving grace and mercy each an every single day. I NEED HIM LIKE I NEED AIR TO BREATHE.

That’s special.

The enemy will try to make you justify what you are doing. He will try to distract you from God convicting you. He will intentionally lie to deceive you. Don’t believe in any of his lies!!!!! He comes only to kill, steal and destroy, (The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give life in all its fullness. John 10:10 – NLT)! That is his main purpose here on this earth! Until Jesus comes back for His beloved church, we are walking on satans territory. DO NOT GET ME WRONG, God is still in control of EVERYTHING, every living, breathing and material thing! But the world is of the devil, not of God!

Sisters, don’t allow the enemy to beat you down and wear you out. You are so much stronger than that! Keep your eyes on Jesus and you WILL fulfill your God-given purpose here on this earth.

Choose to live for God today. Align your decisions and your life with God’s Word. Even if that means getting rid of a few things in your life. Just remember that God has a good purpose for everything and is only looking out for your best interest, whether you see it or not.

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. (Romans 8:28 NLT)

Please e-mail me if you have ANY questions, comments or concerns, ddministries@live.com . Be BLESSED! God loves you and so do I!



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