#SheReadsTruth – 1 Year Anniversary!

A little late posting this LOL but thought since I had some free time today, I would blog about it!

*DISCLAIMER* I have NOT been with #SheReadsTruth for a year, I just recently joined this year in the beginning of March but BOY can I tell you that the Holy Spirit HAS been working! Whoosh! If y’all only KNEW!!!!!!!!!! What I was like last year lol. I will also be sharing a video testimony as well, so if you could view that along with this post. 🙂

Thank YOU for reading!

How have you seen His faithfulness this year?
First and foremost, let me tell you… I WAS A HOT MESS LAST YEAR! Actually, for the past 14 years since I have been saved! I am only *almost* 21 years old (June 17th is my birthday ;)) and I just recently rededicated my life to The Lord this year in mid February. Yes, one would consider me a BABY Christian, LOL! Something bad happened in my life and I lost what seemed to be, everything that meant something to me. All I had left was The Lord! Boy was He oh so faithful though! Even though I had my back to Him for the past 14 years (I was a lukewarm Christian) When I cried out to the Lord, I thought He’d be mad at me, but He proved me wrong and took me under His loving and gracious arms and has molded me into the person He WANTS me to be in such a short amount of time. He has NEVER left my side, even when His presence seems so far away, He is always reminding me that He is there, regardless of what my fickle emotions want to tell me.

How has the Holy Spirit wrecked and rebuilt you?
Whooooaaaa! Ladies, let me tell you. He stripped me of the unknown idols I had and gave me a VERY lonely season. Just me and Him and no one else. I was broken and humbled, but in such a very wonderful and good way. I realized how much of a mess I really was and to top it all off, I realized that where I was headed was not where God wanted me to be. Which came to me as such a shock because I thought I was where I SHOULD be. According to my will, that is. Ever since then, God has been a number one priority in my life and if He doesn’t like something in my life, I discard of it immediately (sometimes, though, I’m a bit stubborn letting things go LOL like right now!!!!). I try my very best to follow His will each and every single day and I am just so utterly in LOVE with God! I can never get enough of Him! He has given me so many new and better opportunities, He’s released me from all past bondage’s and lies, He’s made me a stronger woman who is built on FAITH and not by SIGHT, He’s given me a TRUE God-given purpose that I need to fulfill and visions and dreams that cannot be broken down by man. All these amazing and wonderful things, I am a walking miracle!

What truths have you read in His Word that have drawn you closer and deeper in relationship with Him?
In general, I’ve learned that God is a faithful God and will never leave nor forsake you. He never returns void to His 3,000 promises in His Word and He is not only walking in front of you to keep you safe or beside you to lead the way, but He’s also BEHIND you, protecting your BACK! Ladies, how much better can someone be?!?!?!?!?!!! We don’t DESERVE that kind of love, that kind of faithfulness, especially with me when I turned my back on Him for SO LONGGGGG! He has also proved to be faithful, even when I was a hot mess, train wreck. LADIES, HE WAS STILL THERE!!!!!! He filled my empty voids, He made me whole again, He cast out all insecurities I had and made me feel like I finally had some worth to me! He gave me a new found confidence THROUGH Him! And the best part about it? My God is forever. He will NEVER fade away. When the world turns its back on you, when you’re so-called friends leave you, when your significant other hurts you, when our bodies fail us or when someone dear and close to you passes away; we have a God who NEVER fades away!!!!! How wonderful is that!

LOL, I could go on and on! My God is so wonderfully indescribable! He is far too amazing, powerful and magnificent to explain with human words. Trying to explain Him is like trying to know someone you have never met.

My question to YOU is: How has God changed YOUR life? I want some testimonies LADIES! If you aren’t comfortable sharing online, you can e-mail me at ddministries@live.com !


Here’s my video testimony:

Be BLESSED everyone! God loves you and so do I! Have a wonderful day!

P.S. Any questions, comments OR concerns, please e-mail me at ddministries@live.com !


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