LORD, Completely WRECK Me!

photo 2(1)Hello beautiful ladies!

This past weekend has just been a LIFE CHANGER for me.

I won’t blog much about this weekend but let me just say, being in the presence of the LORD is such an amazing feeling! If you walk out of God’s presence unchanged, you ain’t doing something right. And I’m not saying that to call anybody out or condemn anyone, but you should really change after each time you spend with God.

Not only did God allow me to revisit my visions but He also gave me some much needed encouragement that I am on the right path. I only get some encouragement in my circle about what I’m doing with my ministry (mainly the pastors & ministers at my church and my mother) and it just felt so good to know that I’m actually walking in God’s will and purpose for my life.

A lot of times you won’t have the encouragement of others and will have to rely on God and His Word to help bring you through a trying season. I fell flat on my face and allowed God to completely WRECK me and show me what needed to be changed in my life.

How can one spend alone time with God? Simple. Shut out all distractions (that means, turning off your music, your phone, your television) and just basking in the presence of God and reading His Word and allowing Him to speak into your heart and spirit. If at all possible, find a quiet place where you can be alone for a specified period of time without any interruptions and just let God do His work. Talk to Him. Praise Him. Fall at your Fathers feet and give Him your cares AND LEAVE THEM THERE. Write about it. God will change you if you allow Him and ask Him to.

This past weekend, I turned down offers to go out just so I could spend some quality alone time with God. And I’m not saying that to boast at all, I am saying that I need this time with God in order to function in what God has called me to do. I may be in ministry, but I cling to God daily just as much as any other Christian needs. I ain’t perfect.

I fall in to temptations. I still sin. I still do things that I know ain’t right and then later have to ask my Father in Heaven for forgiveness.

I say this because I want every one to realize that ministry ain’t no easy task. Taking on God’s visions for us ain’t no easy task. But it sure is DEFINITELY worth it. Plus, it brings me SO much joy in the end. I love what I do. I love helping and encouraging others. I love shining my light in the midst of this darkness and being the hope that people need in this world.

My purpose for this post and to give encouragement that, even though you may have given up on your vision or set it aside for quite some time, that doesn’t mean you need to give it up. God allows everything to happen for a reason. Maybe you just weren’t ready at the time. Maybe you were feeling discouraged and threw in the towel. I don’t know your reason for giving up on your vision, but I do know one thing…….

My challenge for every one today is, if you have lost your vision or put a hold on your vision, I encourage you to go revisit it. Write it out on paper AGAIN. Say it out loud. Allow GOD to give you the encouragement that you need like He did me this past weekend. Let HIM work on you and in the mean time, go out there and put your vision in to ACTION! The time is NOW! GO FOR IT!


God loves you and so do I! Y’all have a wonderful and blessed day! MUAH!

P.S. As always, any questions, comments or concerns can be sent to my e-mail ddministries@live.com ! Thank you!


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