Wondering Why He Ain’t Marry You Yet?


Gonna be updating this blog soon so keep an eye out for the update post that will be posted sometime today or tomorrow. If not today, DEFINITELY tomorrow. 😉

Foreal though, too many women ask this question all confused and wondering why their man hasn’t put a ring on their finger. Ladies, I am here to tell you now that you PROBABLY won’t like what I have to say about this topic but it’s okay, I still love you anyways!

The TRUTH: You sleeping with him, allowing him to cuddle and touch you without that ring on your finger! No wonder he is in no rush to marry you! You have no standards, rules & regulations and sleep with every random you meet under sun (moon, stars, sky, clouds… wherever you’re at with the weather, LOL. Trying to add some humor to this). What’s the point in marrying someone that’s already given away themselves so much they see no need to marry you or make the next step?

We, as Christians, are supposed to wait until marriage for sex because sex blinds the eyes and makes you see things in the other person that aren’t really there. Then you wake up one day and wonder what the heck happened?! You get divorced (which God HATES, by the way) and then you end up back at square one, talking and sleeping with MORE randoms. Aren’t you tired of that back and forth cycle?

I get it, you’re sitting there behind your computer screen hissing at me saying “Well who does this girl think she is? She’s not no virgin either, so who is she to talk like this to me and tell ME how I should live MY life!?” … You’re right. I’m not a virgin. But just like you (I don’t know HOW you ended up on this page but you got here for a reason) I realized that sex and men couldn’t fill the void that ONLY God can fill. I woke up because God opened my eyes to how blind I was. Since then I’ve devoted myself to purity in all areas of my life and couldn’t be more happier. I got myself some standards and rules and handled my business. I fell to my Father’s feet and let Him know how messed up I was. Boy, I can’t even tell you how messed up I’d be right now HAD it not have been for God coming to rescue me from my ways! MMMMMM!

Ladies, I’m telling you y’all! You got to wake up at some point and realize that showing your body off and sleeping with every random AIN’T going to get you that man you want and especially that ring you want. Instead of focusing on randoms and marriage, how about you fill that void with God and fall at your Father’s feet and let Him take care of you! Because ain’t no man here on this earth can EVEN COMPARE to what God can do for you! God is on His own level! He is GOD all by Himself!

Pick your head up, dust your shoulders off, fall at your Fathers feet and handle your business. God will meet you right where you are at! You don’t have to be perfect to talk to your Father. None of us are perfect, yet He died on that cross on Calvary 2,000 years ago and conquered death 3 days later!

I challenge you today, sisters, spend some much needed quality time with your Father. Build a relationship and be happy with Him FIRST before any man. Then get you some standards, rules and regulations and grow up. Once you do that, you are bound to attract what you are! But please, make your main focus on Jesus, a relationship/marriage will come later!

Be blessed y’all! God loves you and so do I!

❤ Dancing Dreamss.

E-mail any questions, comments OR concerns to ddministries@live.com … Thank you!



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