Wednesday Night Inspiration.

There are times when you just have to be Holy Spirit led. There are times when you have things figured out and then the Holy Spirit throw MORE information at you lol. Which brings me to the reason of this post.

I have a numerous amount of blog topics sitting patiently in my queue right now. Why have I not posted any of them yet? Because, y’all, the Lord just keeps on TALKING! The wisdom from Him is never ending!

So with ALL of that being said, y’all, I am keeping this post short and sweet. Friday morning I will have a well put together post for you guys on your authority here on this earth.

Y’all, we are living in the end times. This is NOT the time to sleep on GOD! I keep telling everybody this! Strengthen your spiritual core y’all, God ain’t gonna move like this AGAIN! Please! The Spirit is begging y’all to get ready for this train man! He’s crying out to His Children to get moving! Get yourself in alignment y’all! God is not playing with y’all! It ain’t the time to be focusing on the earthly matters, y’all, it really ain’t!!!!!!!! I don’t think y’all hear me tonight! God is moving and we don’t have much more time to prepare ourselves! If you ain’t falling flat on your face before THE THRONE, I don’t know WHAT y’all are doing that’s much more important! Please y’all!

Tonight’s Bible study just woke me up even more. Day after day and month after month God is blessing my plans and my future. He’s made it very clear that in due season, we will reap what we sow! Y’all don’t hear me! Get READY! God is looking for His faithful warriors! His blessed soldiers! His women of God! He’s calling EVERYBODY to move forward!

I mean y’all, my spirit is on FIRE! TRIUMPH! Get in position SPIRITUAL! Don’t SLACK! We really are RAPIDLY running out of time!

Y’all, this is not exactly what I wanted to talk about but I let the Holy Spirit do the talking. I honestly, truth be told, wanted to go back to bed but the Spirit woke me up and told me to write and just keep on writing. So I will listen to Him.

Y’all, please take my heed and my warning. God is SERIOUSLY not playing with us right now. Something big is about to happen in the church in every area of our lives and if you ain’t right with God, you won’t get to experience this again. I’m serious. Y’all think I’m playing. Keep on procrastinating. We really don’t have much time left. God said in His Word that the generation that saw Israel become a nation (1948 – Generations LAST 40 years) will not pass away until all things in the Prophecy come to pass and there are only two significant people left in this generation. One of them is about to retire in December from ministry and the other is 103 years old and it was prophesied that that 103 year old man will not die until Jesus comes back, so that gives you the time frame on HOW CLOSE we are to Jesus coming back.

Stay focused! Keep focusing on Christ! Do NOT ever give up or get discouraged! Rebuke the enemy and MAKE him flee IN JESUS NAME! Amen y’all!

Be blessed!

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