July 14, 2013.

Our Father’s love is like a hurricane,So deep, so plentiful and so magnificent.
He loves us even when we don’t deserve it,
When we turn our backs on Him,
When we think about throwing in the towel,
Even when we choose not to even love our own brothers and sisters!

Children of God, where is our love like our Father’s?
That agape love; so deep, tender and forgiving.
We are called to love others and be the difference and hope in this world.
Yet we have so much hate among our brothers and sisters.
How can we be a light, the salt that this world so desperately needs?
Wake up, children of God!

Our Father continues to have agape love towards us,
even though we fail Him each and every single day.
He loves us despite our flaws, despite our mistakes.
His love is never ending; so powerful, so fulfilling
He forgives us our former transgressions,
He wipes away every tear we have and promises to never leave nor forsake us.

He’s not a man that He should lie,

So children of God, my question to you:

Why are we filled with so much hate, un forgiveness, bitterness and resentment?

Can you extend that agape love towards ALL your brothers and sisters, both sinners and saints?


Purpose of this poem:

The purpose of this poem is to show that, even though we call ourselves Christians and saints, we must still constantly check our motives and hold ourselves accountable. In the wake of recent events within our judical system and our nations people, it is so critical that we share God’s love in what seems to be a hopeless place to others. Be that difference. Be that light that shines brightly. Be that salt. Live and walk in God’s love, continuously and at all times.

© 2013 Copyright Dancing Dreamss.
Written by: Katheryn Compton.


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