There are times in our lives where we THINK we have it all together, where we THINK we know the future, where we THINK we are on track, where we THINK we know the plans God has for us. THEN, all of a sudden, in a millisecond worth of time, your plans come to a screeching HAULT. Where you thought you saw yourself in 5 years, may just have been wrong. Not the vision, but the timing. Then we remember Romans 8:28 and Jeremiah 29:11; “For I know the plans I have for you….”.

But in an instant, you feel like you’ve missed it. You feel like you’ve failed and you can’t quite seem to understand why God put your plans on hold.

I can humbly admit:


Both spiritually and naturally. I had unfinished business to take care of here at home that I didn’t even know of until God revealed it to me. I may have been called to RHEMA, just not right at this moment.

You see, even though I wasn’t ready, God still graced me through my time there. I made divine friendships that I know will last a lifetime, I’ve grown spiritually and have matured quite a bit, AND got prophesied and spoken over.

God was still there, even when I failed to realize the timing of His plans. There was something there that I couldn’t get here in Baltimore, and I knew it.

Even though I still don’t quite understand all of this, I will choose to be obedient to the Father that created me in my mothers womb. The One Who cares and obsesses over my every single detail. The One Who made me in His image. The One Who carefully crafted me. The One Who holds my hand every step of the way, even when I miss it.

Lesson learned here? If you feel God is leading you somewhere, take a step of faith. You don’t know until you try. If after a step you feel peace, keep stepping. If you feel unsettled in your Spirit, take a step back and seek the Lord.

Much Love every one and God Bless!

– Dancing Dreamss.


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