Miss Independent.. Not So Cute.


Can I be real with y’all? If y’all follow me on twitter, y’all saw me tweet about how terrible I am about receiving love but I’m absolutely PERFECT at giving it.

The truth is, I hate it when people know more about me than I think they should. I love being a mystery to everyone. The problem with that though is, how can you expect to have any real friends if you’re constantly keeping everything on the down low? Don’t get it twisted, though, I don’t let JUST ANYBODY in, but I go over board with it.

As soon as someone knows a lot about me, I immediately get defensive, shut down and start to back off. Why in the world do I do that?

I’m scared of getting hurt. I’m scared that people will judge the real me.

But truth be told y’all, in ANY kinda friendship, relationship.. Whatever the case may be.. You’re gonna get hurt at some point! Humans are frail and we definitely ain’t perfect, so why do you think a friendship is gonna be all candies and roses? It’s not! Take off your rose tinted glasses and smell the coffee!

Being miss independent, non transparent, non receivable, keeping everything on the down low and not letting anybody in is only keeping you isolated and keeping the blessings that God has for you, out of your reach.

I sat in the shower last night, almost in tears because I know for a fact that I’m gonna meet my husband soon and I keep telling God that I ain’t ready. I’m not even capable of receiving love yet. I’d rather give until I’m exhausted out and to receive anything. It’s hard for me to take things from people, even when they are genuinely giving from their heart, I’ll find some excuse to keep from taking what they want me to have. But that’s bad. Because what if one day I miss a blessing from God because I don’t want to receive anything?

Just ponder that until my next blog post.

I love you guys SO much and remember that God is CRAZY faithful! Be blessed!

❤ Dancing Dreamss.



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