Purpose Filled Dreams.

You know that moment when you finally feel like everything just “clicks”? Well, I just had that moment about a week ago. The more I think about it and spend time with God, I realize that it wasn’t because I wasn’t ready to go to RHEMA, but because I wasn’t CALLED to be there. God graced me to be there because He knew it was the first time I stepped out in faith to try something for Him. I learned a lot at RHEMA and if it wasn’t for the people that I met and the prophecies that were given to me, I would not be walking in my calling right now.

God knew exactly what He was doing. He had His hand on me the whole entire time that I was there. And to be quite truthful, it was the BEST 4 months of my entire life.

Yeah I miss it. Yeah I wish I could go back. No I quite don’t understand why God didn’t let me finish or whatever. But despite it all, I trust Him. I’m finally at a place where I’m seeing the vision and purpose God placed in me, come to fruition. It’s coming alive and I’m walking in it. Apparently I was ready to start my ministry and that’s why I’m here.

I can’t wait to be the game changer for Baltimore.

I love you guys and I hope everyone is having a blessed week. Muah!

❤ Dancing Dreamss.




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