She was bound by fear, everywhere she looked, she felt like eyes were all on her.
Every move she made and every step she took, she had endless thoughts “Am I really good enough?”
Masked by confusion and pain, sorrow and hurt, fear and guilt… She had nowhere else to turn.
One day she realized, this is bigger than her, bigger than what she could handle, so she cried out to God, “Save me from fear!”
With tears streaming down her face and her makeup smeared, she finally saw a glimpse of hope.
That hope came from God.

Those endless nights of tormenting fear, are no longer an issue.
Her fear has been replaced with boldness and courage.
God held her hand and loved her perfectly until the fear had no choice but to leave.
When no one else was there and no one else knew what she was going through, God saw her and wiped her every tear.

You see that girl, SHE used to be me.

❤ Dancing Dreamss.

God is CRAZY faithful!


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