Beauty in the Trial.

Sometimes we get so bogged down with life, we completely forget the good things that are going on all around us. We get wrapped up in our feelings and think ‘Man, what am I going to do with this and that?’. We then start to question where we’re at and why we are here. Am I the only person that ever gets this way sometimes? Trust me, you’re not alone.


I’m here to tell you that regardless of what is going on currently in your life, God wants your brokenness, your mess, your hurt, your pain, your depression, your anxiety… ALL OF IT! God wants to heal you, if only you would just surrender to Him and let Him do His thing.


Why is it that we get into these moments where we THINK we can handle this life on our own? We think we know all of the answers to any and everything. That’s why we get so bogged down by life, because we’re too busy trying to wrap ourselves around societies definition of being “independent”. I’m here to tell y’all now that being independent ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Now I’m not saying that I depend on frail humans, but God can work through these frail humans as well but if we’re too caught up on being independent, we may miss the biggest blessings of our lives because we want to maintain the image of doing it all on “our own”. By the way, not to burst your bubble but being the worlds definition of independent is very prideful. I learned that one the hard way.


On the flipside of things, the enemy can use your feelings as a distraction from getting things accomplished in your life. He wants to keep you so busy being upset, ran down with to-do lists that never seem to end or whatever else, just so he can keep you away from the Fathers throne. Even if it’s ministry, too! Don’t be so busy that you have absolutely no time to spend with God. How are you going to refresh yourself to serve others if you don’t spend the time you need with God? Because trust me, serving people from your own strength gets tiring VERY quickly.


I hope this blessed someone because it literally just wrecked my heart and I’m the one that’s writing this for everybody else! Haha! Ain’t it crazy what God can do when you just surrender to Him? 😉


I love you guys and remember God is crazy in love with you! Have a blessed night, wherever you are!


❤ Dancing Dreamss.


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