Breakthrough the Fire!


So as I sit here at 1:42am typing up this blog post on my laptop, I can’t even describe the amount of joy and praise I have for God right now.

Tonight I am free from so many things that bound me. I fell into temptation tonight and played with fire but God quickly flipped it around and I’m so fathomed by the unconditional love, peace and divine revelation I’ve received from Him. So much breakthrough happened tonight, even in the midst of the fire.

But wait! Diamonds can’t be made without fire, right? Haha! And the enemy thought that he had me! I’m here to say, that he DOES NOT! Never has and never will!

Sometimes you just need to be bold and create joy in your life! Laugh at the small things! Speak to your storms and tell them that you won’t be brought down! You are an overcomer!

I come to you guys daily, completely pouring out my heart and being transparent as I possibly can be. I love you guys so much and know that regardless of if you have sinned tonight or if you feel like you are just not good enough… God is with you and He loves you! You are not condemned!

Doesn’t mean we should continue in our sin but God looks at the heart of those people who have pure motives. Even in the midst of my sin tonight, God called me pure. WOW!

Just surrender to God and have a willing heart. Be humble. God can change any mess into a beautiful message. He is waiting to wrap His arms around you, if only you would just let Him. Rest in His embrace today.

He loves you! He loves you! He loves you! God bless!

❤ Dancing Dreamss.


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