The Fire Doesn’t Have to Burn You!


Right after I posted my last blog post (if you haven’t read it, you can read it HERE), the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego was quickened in my spirit to share with you guys. If you want to read the story, you can read it here in Daniel 3:3-30. Despite the temptations we go through, despite the circumstances, the trials and the pains we go through, God is forever with us. We can not and never give up. We can’t succumb to temptation and whenever we do, know that God is ready and willing to pick you right back up and the fire won’t even scar you or even make you smell like smoke. You can come out of the fire with victory and breakthrough and not even have a scar on you. Never allow the fire that you are currently going through stop you from pressing in to God’s presence and love! Never let the fires of this life stop you from doing Kingdom work!

The enemy will have you believe just because you fall into temptation and sin, that you can no longer be a testimony to the Kingdom of God. He will lead you to believe that you have been condemned and can no longer be used in the Kingdom of God but I am here to break that chain from your life! You are LOOSED, whoever is reading this right now, you are loosed from the power of condemnation that the enemy has brought on you today! Walk in it and receive it in Jesus Name!

I encourage you to read Daniel 3:3-30 right now if you haven’t already! You will truly be blessed!

I love you and God loves you with His unending love! He is CRAZY faithful!

Get lost in God tonight 🙂 He’s waiting on you! Just cry out to Him where you’re at right now, I promise you He hears you and will meet you right where you are at!

❤ Dancing Dreamss.


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