A Word From the Lord: Relax.

Relax, says the Lord.


I am doing a new thing on this earth. I am pouring out my Spirit like never before. This is the time to just soak up and enjoy My presence. Rest in Me! I have given you grace to fulfill all the plans I have for you. You were made for such a time as this! There is a new order coming to My Church. A new order where denominations do not matter. A new order where My unity and Love will exist and flow amongst My people. Relax, My Beloved Church! You may see things in this world that are coming up that could have you terrified if you let it but I say, DO NOT BE AFRAID! Be COURAGEOUS! Those who rest in Me, not a hair on their head will be touched! I will give you joy as never before! You will KNOW My Presence. People will see Me in you as you walk out the plan I have purposed for you since the beginning of this earth! Walk in love with those around you and My glory will shine on your face! Soon, the world will need the Church to rise up and do its part and Oh! She is rising like a mighty giant! She is taking her place like never before! Hahahahahahahaha! The enemy is crushed because My Church is finally moving! Hahahahahaha! Keep going Oh! Keep pushing! You are almost there! I am coming soon! Don’t give up now! Surrender and yield! Throw away old doctrines and flow with My Spirit! Heaven is coming to the earth! Prepare for My glory! Hahahahahahaha!

❤ Dancing Dreamss.


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