Remove Distractions.

We’ve all been there. I’ve been there. Y’all know I’m a dancer but at one point in my life, I made dance my idol and put God on the back burner.


Many of us have been distracted for hours, days, months and even years; but God is calling you out of that place RIGHT NOW! But are you listening? Are you heeding His warnings?

It could be a relatIonship that you are in that is not glorifying Christ. A friendship that’s leading you astray. Bad habits that have caused you to push God to the side. Idols that have taken Gods rightful place in your life.

Who are you serving?

I challenge everyone today to get quiet before The Lord and examine themselves to see what has been distracting them. Open up your Bible. God is STILL THERE. He’s always been there. He’s calling you to come back to Him. He misses you and welcomes you with wide open arms!


When was the last time you open the Bible and studied on your own? And I mean REALLY studied and poured your heart out to Jesus?

I remember I recently went 3 days without really spending quality time with my Lord. Never again!

I am not exempt!

God loves you & So do I! Be blessed y’all!

❤ DancingDreamss.


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