Love… Is NOT Lost.

Love Has NOT Been Lost.Love has not been lost.
Though eyes may seek it,
Ears may hear of it,
Hands may feel it,
And hearts yearn for it…
Love can and will not be found here on this earth….
It is hidden deep within a treasure,
A treasure so sacred,
Yet nobody dares to open it or even command respect for it.
Hearts have grown faint and cold,
Ears have gone deaf and no longer hear the truth,
But choose to silence the lies in which they pick and choose to believe.
Mouths are shut due to fear of judgment.
Sown together like a woman who mends her clothes for her newborn children…
Hands are pushed back,
No longer giving to those in need,
But choose rather to grab on to greed, lust and power driven lives.
Eyes are blinded because people choose rather to see what they want to see and discard what is notable and true.

My people, love is not lost, it has yet to be found.
How hard are you searching?
How deep are you digging?
Come closer to Me,
Draw nearer to Me,
Be still. Be wise. Be full of My peace. Be full of My joy.


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