Surrender: You’re No Longer in Control.


When you finally decide to fully surrender your life to the King of all kings, you soon start to realize that you are no longer in control of what you do with your life. You start to realize like, uhm, I do not even know where I am going to next or what I am going to even do the very next moment. My life has been turned around and flipped upside down since I decided to re commit my life to my sweet Lord. In such a good way, though. I would not change any moment that I have had and will have with my Lord for the things of this world.

God has implanted desires within my heart that will VERY SOON be fulfilled, but in order for me to do that, I must get out of the boat and start my faith walk journey. With God, there is absolutely NO SENSE in trying to control any aspect of your life, and I realize that more, day by day.

The thing is this: Why would we want to control our lives? Where is the adventure and thrill in that?

When you walk with God on your faith adventure, you have to know that God WILL keep His promises in providing for your every single need. GOD IS FAITHFUL AND HIS WORD WILL NOT RETURN TO HIM NULL AND VOID! You learn to trust Him more and more, as you learn to take steps forward towards the plans God has for you.

Even when anxious, fearful thoughts may try to haunt you, get in to that place where you can get at the feet of Jesus and let Him wrap His arms around you and whisper “Peace, be still” in your ears as calmness overwhelms your soul.

There were so many times where I would try to control every aspect of my life, down to the very last detail. And when something SLIGHTLY went off balance, I immediately began to freak out. I WAS a huge control freak AND a perfectionist. YOU CAN FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT GOD CRASHED THAT TO A COMPLETE HAULT!

Think of it like this: If you knew every single complete detail of your life, from beginning to ending, would that REALLY be faith? Would that actually be fun? Would that actually be adventurous, thrilling and exhilarating? Didn’t think so.


If you know His character and promises to YOU, there would be no sense in worrying or being fearful of the future.

I love you guys and stay trusting in God, wherever you are in your faith walk journey!

Dancing Dreamss.


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