Revival Fire.


This is so heavy on my heart right now. So many of us are seeking worldwide, statewide and countrywide revival, which is good in and of itself, but we MUST NOT lose focus on our own personal revival. Before we seek out revival elsewhere, we must first revive our own selves. That is TRULY how revival begins. From the inside, out. We must operate from the inside, out; not from the outside, in.

HOW CAN FLESH WORK WITH SPIRIT? It is the complete opposite! However, spirit can work with flesh because the spirit was built to withstand the works of flesh and change us.

Stir up and fan the fire that is within you! All of the gifts, dreams and talents that are currently dormant or not yet revealed, are about to explode in abundance! Keep pressing in to our sweet Yahweh, Yeshua! Remember that each and every one of us within the body of Christ CARRIES the fire, the revival, the very presence of Yahweh, within us!


You get out of Yahweh, what you expect from Him. So, set your expectations HIGHER!

I know for one thing, MY HEART, SOUL AND SPIRIT are so very hungry and thirsty for a move from God. I want His fire to fall down on this country and world. But I know the revival FIRST starts WITH ME.

Dancing Dreamss.


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