Day One: Fear, Be Gone!

Man. Leaving Baltimore was one of the best/worst things I could have ever done. Best, meaning that I am finally walking out the supernatural plan Yahweh has for my life.

Worst, meaning that it has been a scary and painful ride so far and I am just starting out. Yahweh is shaping me and molding me. He is calling me to climb higher in Him and to be truthful, it is the most UNCOMFORTABLE experience. I am far out of reach from my comfort zone and I want to crawl in to a corner like a baby. Lol!

Yahweh literally snatched me from my hometown, told me I loved it TOO MUCH and needed a NEW IDENTITY AND NEW LOOK. Sacrifice and obedience.

Can I be truthful? I miss the comfortability of knowing when my next paycheck will come in. I miss the comfortability of knowing that I had a secure home, with all the luxuries. I miss my cat. I miss my family. I miss the comfortability of knowing when and how my bills will be paid.

If you are not being stretched out of your comfort zone, YOU ARE NOT GROWING.

Simply put.

Despite all the uncomfortable feelings, despite all the pressure, despite the fire of trials….My King Yeshua is always with me, holding my hand, leading my every step and comforting my loud soul.

When fear, doubt and negative thoughts and feelings try to come your way, quiet your precious soul and get in to Yahweh’s presence and He will change you and redirect your thoughts. Keep focused on Yeshua and do NOT lose sight of Him. He is what keeps us on track. Daily, renew your mind. Daily, surrender to Yahweh. Daily, trust in Yahweh. Daily, choose to keep focused on Yeshua. Daily, get in His presence and seek His face AT ALL TIMES.

I love you.

Dancing Dreamss.



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