Day Two: New Worlds, New Habits.

Friday July 11, 2014 – Day Two: New Worlds, New Habits.

Yahweh convicted me of something a couple of weeks ago that had me pondering for hours on how and why I got to this point. I am from big-town, small-world Baltimore where the pace is fast, city lights are always vibrant, and there is a convenient store right down the same street you live on. Where traffic is always heavy, people don’t even care to notice you and where crime is heavily consistent. Where technology was the next best thing, luxury was a must and where filtered water was all I wanted. Baltimore, my love.


Wait a minute. We are NOT in Baltimore anymore.

Here I am now, in small-town, USA where a convenient store is about an hour away, where land and mountains are about the only thing in sight and well water is the thing. Farm animals roam to and fro, cell phone service and technology…. Just forget that!

The simple, quiet and peaceful life.

You can bet that I did not think that at first, though. Yahweh had to bring my pride to a screeching halt, before I got out of hand. When I first got here, Yahweh told me to get out of my own world and get in to other’s worlds. Experiencing new things, peoples and cultures. Guys, I am not in the country, I am in the sticks, which is the middle of nowhere with nothing to be found anywhere in sight except lands, trees, mountains, and farm animals.

But a lil ol’ city girl like me, actually likes it. I enjoy the peace, the fresh air and the serenity.

I may not have all the “luxuries” that I did in the city, but I am content.

“Learn to be joyful in all circumstances. If you don’t know how to create fun in the middle of nowhere, you don’t know NOTHING.”

When Yahweh told me to study on pride, He revealed to me that my attitude of “I am so above drinking well water. I am so above living in a trailer. I am so above living on a farm. I am so above living in the middle of nowhere. I am so above all that I am going through right now” was incredibly prideful, which then led me to a haughty attitude. NOT GOOD.

When Yahweh revealed that to me, I just decided to remain CONTENT regardless of where I am, what the conditions are and who I may be with.

We have to remember that, EVERYTHING WE SEE IS TEMPORARY!

What we see, feel and go through here on this earth, IS TEMPORARY. Our hope should be on the eternal riches, not the temporary riches.

I love you guys! Be blessed!

Dancing Dreamss.



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