Day Three: Rain Fall Down From Heaven.

Today while I was spending time with Yahweh in my car, windows rolled down, just me and my sweet King, it started to lightly rain out of nowhere. Yahweh knows how much I enjoy the serenity of rain when it falls from the sky, but to me, this was no ordinary rain, this was rain from Heaven.

My soul was at peace. It was beautiful. My heart was overflowing with joy.

As we wage against our emotions and reality of our day to day life, we tend to forget about the simple things…. Like enjoying Yahweh through His creation. The trees carrying the breath of life (wind/air), the birds singing their beautiful songs, the diversity of animals scurrying to and fro, the picture perfect painted sky and the serene sounds coming from every direction.

Rain fall down from Heaven and refresh my soul, as I rest in Your embrace and listen to Your calming, unchanging voice.

When I see it raining outside, I often get the urge to run outside and let the rain pour down on me, not caring about how wet I am getting or how messy my hair may currently look. No. Rain refreshes me, just like the Living Water spoken about in the Bible.

Yeshua is our refreshing drink of water that fulfills our whole entire being. From the inside, out.

I long daily to get into His sweet, sweet presence. My sisters in Christ, when was the last time you took more then an hour to refresh yourself with Heaven’s rain? It is SO WORTH IT!

I love you.

Dancing Dreamss.



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