Day Four: Wait, My Sweet Child.

When Yahweh tells you to do something and you procrastinate on obeying Him, He will find a way to incorporate what He wants for your life into your daily life, so one day, you will say “yes” to Him.

Want to know how I know that?

Months ago, I would say about the middle of February, God told me to get off social media for a couple of weeks and distance myself from others to get closer to Him. I did it on and off for a couple of weeks, I even cut off my phone temporarily, however, it did not last long at all.

Social media was my idol and I spent more time on social media, then I did with my King Yeshua.

So, because of my disobedience (and obedience, which I will explain later) Yahweh planted me literally in the middle of nowhere for two weeks. With no technology, no cell phone service and a whole lot of land and mountains all around me.

I am content, regardless of my circumstance. If Yahweh tells me to “go”, I will go. If Yahweh tells me to “wait”, I will wait.

This time around, I am thoroughly content and will use this time with Yeshua to the best of my ability that I can make it.

Quietness and serenity permeate my soul as I look at the high altitude of mountains, trees and animals surrounding me.

It is better to obey YAHWEH and pass the test THE FIRST TIME, because after that, it just keeps on getting harder each time.

I love you guys!

Dancing Dreamss.



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