Worship: Entering Into His Presence.

There is so much power when we enter into Adonai’s presence.

Chains start breaking.

Generational curses start being reversed.

Power starts flowing through us.

Boldness starts erupting within our soul.

Grace beats within our hearts,

and mercy is all that we know.

Love wraps us up like a warm blanket,

and righteousness becomes like a deep blue ocean.

You ask me, how do you enter into His presence?

Surrender your cares to Him.

Get quiet and still before Him.

Envision Him sitting right next to you, breathing life and renewing strength into you.

Cry, laugh, dance, sing, run, jump, groan, bow down, fall prostrate…..

Do whatever it takes to get into His presence.

Push aside the distraction: The TV, the cell phone, the electronics.

Get away for a little while.

From the noise that keeps desperately trying to pull you away from Him.

Because, in His presence in freedom.

Freedom from addiction, bondage, pornography, homosexuality, sex before marriage, lust…..

And Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.


Free you leave His presence,

free you will remain.

Freedom Awaits You….


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