I am still that girl from Baltimore….

I get so offended when people talk badly about the streets, I don’t know, but something just makes me sad on the inside. You would not guess it, but I came from the streets. Look where I am today. Working on starting my own business and ministry. You cannot tell me that people from the streets do not have what it takes to rise to the top. If they knew better, they would do better. The streets are my heart. I do not care where I am headed, but I always have to remember where I come from. I came from the dust and I have come a very long way. Being in the streets taught me how to work hard and hustle for things. That having no money was NOT an option. That there always is a way to make money and that there are no excuses. I left being a professional dancer, almost making two grand a night to drop everything and follow Yahweh’s call for my life. You can’t tell me nothing.

What happened to that mentality? Time to get it back.

I am stepping up for you, Baltimore.

You may take the girl away from her roots,
But those roots will always be there. ❤

Everything is possible…..


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