The Problem With the Go Getter Personality….

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Every day, with a to-do list about 5 miles long and only 24 hours to accomplish what needs to be done, I end up, at the end of the day, with a loss for words. I may have accomplished certain things, but how fulfilled am I REALLY?

I ask myself that daily.

The problem with a go-getter personality, is that you end up trying to fix what Yahweh wants to fix, Himself. As if I had super human capabilities to accomplish all that Yahweh CAN and WILL. As if Yahweh’s way is not good enough.

I hear of a need, like say, a bill to be paid or a phone call to be made or a trip that needs to be taken, I get the “get it done, now” mode and completely forget about what Yahweh has to say about it. I try to figure out any and all ways to try and accomplish what needs to be done, because there is no excuse to leave things undone.

But really, what that is showing, is a lack of trust in Yahweh that He will provide. That He is GOOD ENOUGH AND WISE ENOUGH to know better than I do. That I don’t believe that Yahweh will come through for me, because I want it my way and Heaven forbid, that Yahweh knows my hearts desires better than I do.

To the world, it may be seen as independence but if I cannot trust in Yahweh, who can I trust?

Dancing Dreamss.


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