Bus Rides With Yahweh.

“Promises to Yahweh are meant to be kept. If they aren’t, don’t make them in the first place.” – Myself.



Today as I was out early in the morning, waiting to catch the bus, it was cloudy, cold and drizzling. My mind was racing and I just wanted to be some place warm and cozy. So, I complained to Yahweh the WHOLE TIME because my bus was 20 minutes late. When it got there, Yahweh whispered into my ear “I was protecting you from something.

I nearly burst into tears as Yahweh poured His liquid love all over me. Right. On. The. Bus. In front of everyone.

I did not expect that.

So, the whole entire bus ride, I apologized to Yahweh for complaining the whole time I was waiting and told Him that I loved Him and that I was sorry for not trusting Him.

Then, I made a promise to Yahweh; “I promise to trust you in both the little and small things. Whether it is a car, house or a pair of socks that I may need. I will not ask ANYONE, but will have YOU provide a way to getting my needs met. Help me remember this cold, wet day on the bus that I made this promise to You, Daddy.”

When you make a promise to Yahweh, He is faithful to remind you.

When your faith is down or wearing weak, trust Him in both the big and small things. AND THEN LET HIM PROVIDE!!!!

I love you guys.

Dancing Dreamss.


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