A New Song! A New Sound!

There is a shifting, acceleration and change of seasons going on right now. Do you discern it?


Know what season you are in. Just like the leaves and weather are an indication of the changing of seasons. Discern the times and indications of this season.

It is a season of complete newness.

New music.

New clothes.

New style.

New ways of doing things.

New thoughts.

New plans.

New jobs.

New businesses.

New real estate opportunities.

New traveling opportunities.

New opportunities in general.

New lessons.

New thinking.

New connections.

New growth.

You get the picture. All you need to do?


And then stay in that position.

You ask: How do I correctly position myself?

1. Prayer
2. Worship
3. Study the Word of Yahweh.
4. Follow the Holy Spirit’s every leading.
5. Get used to being uncomfortable.

New opportunities are coming.

Get ready.

Dancing Dreamss.


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