Follow What Yahweh Says….

I am learning daily why it is so much more important to follow what Yahweh says, instead of what man says.

I am the person that will be blunt;

Following what man says will make you miserable until you decide to completely follow what Yahweh says, not caring what the opinion of man is.

Do not look at how much “good” benefits man can offer you.

The stacks of money.

The fancy clothing.

The fancy cars.

The fame.

The fancy mansions.


Don’t get me wrong.

I am not saying that you can’t have those things, but if you only have those things because you obeyed what man said to you instead of what Yahweh said to you….. There is a serious heart problem.

I mean.

One day I plan to have a nice house, with nice property, an in ground pool, nice clothing for my family and a nice car, as well.


Only after I obey Yahweh.

I choose to be filled with joy instead of being miserable because of man.

I love you guys and be blessed.

Yahweh loves you.

Dancing Dreamss.


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