The Illusion of Fitting In.

I haven’t wrote in awhile, so I thought that I would while I had some creativity.

Neglecting our natural personalities,
We put on masks to fit in with society,
Everybody wearing the same thing,
Listening to the same beats,
Where is the originality?
Minds are programmed like robots,
Functioning to fit in with the anti-Christ.
People blindly following stereotypes just because of the current hype,
They say “scream” and you jump up at their command,
They blind fold you and tell you to take a step to the left,
Not realizing you are being led into a mine field,
You obey and move your feet like a puppet.
They pack you tightly into a box and tell you that is all there is,

My people, where is the creativity?
Why are we lacking the original mindsets that God created us to have?
Where we think for ourselves instead of being played like a puppet and programmed as a robot.
Don’t you see the deception?
Wake up, My people, the time is now.
Reach while you can, while God is still near.
His love is pouring out on us,
His Spirit is overwhelming us,
But we need to let go of the stereotype of fitting in with society.
There is no time to waste!
Quit procrastinating, acting as if you have another day to wait.

Dancing Dreamss.


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