Dare to Believe and Take Yahweh’s Best for YOU!


Concerning the things that Daddy has for you in this season: Please believe that you have to do your part! Take authority over the situation that is currently blocking Yahweh’s promise to you! Get rid of all fear, anxiety, doubt and suspicion in this season, for it will block you from fully receiving Yahweh’s promise. Dare to believe that Daddy will fully fulfill what He said He would, and rest in that, My Beloved!Take back what is yours that someone else has had for years! Their time with YOUR inheritance is EXPIRED! Do your part in getting prepared, being disciplined, trusting in Yahweh and declaring victory over the situation! Be obedient! Remove all things and people that are hindering the promise! Daddy is trying to accelerate you to a high level in this season! He is trying to birth things in this season! The enemy will try to attack your mind in this season, instead of using people. Don’t let the enemy trick you! Rise up! Your ministry is coming! Your love is coming! Your big move is coming! Your business is coming! Your promotion is coming! Daddy expects a higher level of maturity of you in this season of promotion. Protect your gifts and be careful how you use them! Be obedient to Yahweh in this season! Cut off people that Daddy has told you to cut off! No time for procrastination any longer! What took someone 40 years to accomplish, Yahweh will grace you to accomplish in DAYS!Get prepared now! Stay in position! Surrender to Yahweh! Trust Him and relinquish control! He is releasing you into a season of love, joy, peace, rest and full happiness! You will not be responsible for anyone in this season, Yahweh just wants you to experience His promise and have beautiful moments! There are very valuable things and people in your life right now, be very careful with them! Get rid of suspicions! Celebrate and make a big deal about Daddy’s promises for you! Get excited, because it will come quickly!

What I got from #HoldFAST by LIVELOVEKIA.COM this month. Very powerful.

I love you guys.

Dancing Dreamss.


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