Day 3: Love & Passion.



When you TRULY love something, you love it unconditionally. You love, not based on what they do, but based on a daily choice that no matter how hard it gets or how flawed they are, your patient love covers their imperfections. My friends, love is not a feeling, but a choice; an action to love despite how difficult things may be. Despite whether you get what you want of not. Despite what circumstances you may be going through. Love deeply and passionately, with ANYTHING that Daddy has placed in front of you. So, for that, I am thankful for love.


Passion and fire. Have you ever had a burning desire within you that Yahweh has placed in your heart, so badly that you will do whatever it takes to achieve what He has placed in your heart? ME TOO. Despite the bruisings, the beatings, the hardships, the circumstances, the waiting, the persecutions along the way, the passion to endure until the very end, gets you through it.

I love you.

Dancing Dreamss.


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