Keep Those Dreams Alive.


I am thankful to have so much time to spend with Yeshua before I can clock into work. I get there 50 minutes early, go into the break room and pour my heart to Daddy, and guess what? He meets me in that place…. every single time.

I would sit at the cafe at my job and would be writing to Daddy and He would softly whisper to me “Look up at your surroundings”, and so I did. I did and saw my future.

My first instinct: I ran as fast as I could, went upstairs into the bathroom and cried my eyes out, mascara and all.

It was a combination of fear and zeal. Half of me is not ready and the other half of me is saying “Go! Do not be afraid! Take that leap of faith“.

Every morning, Daddy pours into me this fresh inspiration to keep going because honestly, sometimes I just want to give up, pack my bags and head back to Baltimore. As if that were an after thought, oh no. Carefully contemplating my way of escape from a reality built into my future. Every time I try to run away, Daddy traps me with a steel wall and firmly tells me, “You are mine. Do not ever go back to what I set you free from

That is why it is so important to keep those dreams, goals and visions alive. Keep stirring those dreams with the passion, love and fire that is within you.

Keep your eyes set on Yeshua and the vision and stir yourself up.


And don’t you ever look back from what Daddy has set you free from.

I love you.

Dancing Dreamss.


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