Depending On God.

Depending on God.
I would be lying if I said that this season in my life has been easy, or that I have been strong enough to carry it all on my own. God has literally shaken every part of my life in the time span of 6 months, quickly accelerating me to a new level and testing my faith and trust. I realize that I forgot to complete my month of thanks but after thinking about it, in a nutshell, I am just thankful to be alive and breathing each day and to have the people that I currently do, in my life.

I used to set my eyes completely on material things and I learned the hard way, that those material things can be lost in a second. Things can be replaced, but people cannot.

God has put me in a place where I totally have to get rid of my independent personality and rely totally on Him. He has literally got me on forced rest mode and humbled me to the core. Never would I ever think that I would be in the place that I am in but in order to get to the next season of my life, I must pass some very hard trials.

The higher you go, the harder the tests before the triumph.

I have to remember that even though I have seen glimpses of the promise, I must fight in order to get the promise. Though I may be getting favor, I cannot let it distract me from the fight that is not yet over. I must continue to be encouraged, strengthened and full of His grace.

This last part of this season requires total trust and faith in God that He will provide for my every single need. I may not have exactly what I want, but I can say that I have everything I need.

I used to over exert myself and not let God provide for me. I usually ended up taking the lead, even when I told Him that I trusted Him. AND to top it all off, I remember one morning when I promised to trust God in the small things of life (food, water, clothing and shelter) and He surely has tested that area and I refuse to go around this mountain again. I will pass this test, even if it takes the last of me.

What the enemy meant for my harm, God will use for my growth.

I have to remember that all the things I am going through right now and the promises that I will receive, are not the same things of the past. I need to trust God that He knows what is best for me and that He is not a man that He should lie. He has put many people in my life in a position where God has told them NOT to help me because God wants all of the glory in the last part of this season. I also have to remember that God will MAKE A WAY, WHERE THERE SEEMS TO BE NO WAY.

I have to trust in God that I have who and what I need in my life and I need to stop being so quick to cut the RIGHT PEOPLE OFF.

All I know is, my next season and level is right around the corner. I may not have all of the answers and truth be told, I feel a little crazy believing the promises that God has given me about certain things and people in my life. I have to be careful what comes out of my mouth and I must filter my thoughts and align them with what God has told me. God will part the Red Sea in this season, but I must get through these next couple of weeks and close all cracks of the enemy that are still wide open. I will receive the promise, but it won’t come without a price and a fight. I must learn to disconnect from things and people that will hinder all that God has for me to receive in this new season and I must HOLD ON TO THE RIGHT THINGS AND PEOPLE.

I don’t know about you, but I refuse to allow fear, insecurity and doubt stifle my promise in this season.

#2015 is really about to be that year.

I love you guys.

Dancing Dreamss.


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