As 2014 Closes….


As I reflect over this year, I realize that YAH’s hand was over my life the whole entire time. Despite the shaking, the removing and the pains that came with breakthrough after breakthrough, I realized that Yah is for me and NOT against me. Yah pretty much threw me into my calling this year and has pushed me to my limit, making it impossible to ignore the fire that is within me daily. The hunger and thirst for more. More of His great love. More of His righteousness. I want to do what pleases Yah, not what pleases man.

This year of 2014, I went from Baltimore, to Virginia, back to Baltimore almost headed back to Tulsa to finish my college years but then Yah threw me in to Canton, Ohio with unexpected turns, surprises and gifts. Since the day I came to Canton, Ohio it has been a thrill ride and adventure that I can’t and won’t ever forget. Supernatural and divine occurrences are a daily thing, but if you continue to look at your circumstances at face value, you’ll miss the blessing that Yah has for you in the midst of your mess.

Here is to 2014 being the divine setup by Yah. Where He connected me with amazing people and threw me into my calling.



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