Don’t Let the Enemy Lie to You.


Over the past couple of months, I have learned so much spiritually. I have lost a lot, but gained so much more. What I lost cannot compare with what I have gained through Christ, the King of all kings.

And more so, I now realize that all I gained and thought was important was nothing but yesterday’s garbage compared to knowing the Anointed Jesus my Lord. For Him I have thrown everything aside–it’s nothing but a pile of waste–so that I may gain Him. {Philippians 3:8 VOICE}

If there is one thing I can share with the young people of this generation that are trying their absolute best to live for Jesus, always keep your eyes on Him or I can guarantee that you will fall. Do not become easily distracted by the lies of the enemy. In order to do that, you must guard your heart at all times. Be careful of the people you hang around, the places you go to, the music you listen to and the movies you watch.

Yah is looking to raise up a young warrior generation that will be apart of His army so of course the enemy is going to do all that he can to distract the youth of this day. Keep your eyes on Him, young warriors! Young princesses and princes! I sense a nearing revival and deep awakening shifting to the young people of this time period! Get ready because Daddy is about to pour out His love like never before and all of the youth that every one talks down on now, will RISE UP WITH FIRE AND PASSION THAT THIS WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE!


Dancing Dreamss.


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