It Is Time to Move Forward.


So I had a deep revelation today. I have been doubting my calling. Crazy, right?

Never thought that I would be transparent with something like that.

I usually am not someone that portrays a lack of confidence, fear or doubt. At least I try not to.

I was getting slightly depressed because it had felt like everything was getting harder and Yah was telling me to take steps towards my calling and I had no idea on how to do it because, seriously, I don’t quite have money to start a business yet or do this or do that!

And then Yah said in a sweet whisper: “Are you ready? Do you trust Me?

Of course, I had to say yes. And, then, He implants these desires, these passions, these ideas on the inside of my heart that feel like they are burning and can no longer contain themselves and then I come to a screeching halt.

“Wait. You are not finished with your transition period. Your cocoon period. Trust me as I set you aside for a very short time to remove any hindrances in your life and anything that does not reflect My Son. Soon, My sweet child, you will fly off like a beautiful butterfly”

During church on March 1, I was listening to a sermon that confirmed everything Daddy was telling me during my quiet time with Him. Within minutes of the service, I saw this beautiful butterfly with such radiant color beaming off of it’s wings with a background looking similar to what I would say would be the heavenlies. You know what Daddy told me to do with that visual? “Paint it and make it beautiful, just like you”.

It is time. It is time to move forward. It is time to be catapulted into our callings. Take that leap of faith NOW. Stop doubting yourself and get out of fear. He is with you and will provide the strength, provision and grace.

Dancing Dreamss.


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