Don’t Choose the Easy Route..

Sometimes, I often wonder why I am in the situations that I am in..

Questions like: “How did I get myself here?” Or “How do I get myself out of THIS situation?

It’s like… I go around the same mountains over and over again.

Then, I get fed up and get on my knees and ask Yah: “Why in the world do I keep going around the SAME mountains over and over again!?

He softly whispered to me: “My precious daughter, do not give up. The reason why this keeps happening is because you have allowed your thoughts and words to become a snare unto you. The enemy has come in to devour you and so far, you have allowed him to because of fickle feelings such as: fear, doubt, discouragement and depression. Rise up, mighty warrior, and pick up your weapons and USE THEM, for they are not of this world but are mighty to pull down strongholds. Remain in Me and you will flourish quickly.

How great is Yah, concerning my life! He has great plans for me, and although I have yet to see them come into fruition, I know the enemy wouldn’t be fighting this hard if it wasn’t just right around the corner!

I often times, when I get overwhelmed, want to jump in my non existent car and speed off to a different state and start over. But then I would have to START ALL OVER in a new place and begin those tests again.

I used to do that when I was in a place that I could ride a bus and get away but then I had a revelation.

If I continue running away from people, places and things without actually confronting the issue at hand, up front… My life will be a miserable mess with no friends, no car, no house, no job and no NOTHING!

So, Yah got tired of me failing that test and put me in a place of seclusion, but not abandonment. I am in a place where I am forced to not leave due to hard circumstances. Even though I slightly hate it and at times despise the fact that I can’t just dip out when I want to, I have successfully learned (and passed the test) that running away and taking the easy route, is not an option.

My point: Quit running away from what Yah is trying to teach you and taking the easy route. Submit and let Yah mold you and I promise the process will be a lot quicker.

I love you guys!

Dancing Dreamss.


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