She Dances to Her Kings Rhythm..

Hey readers! So I know it has been quite awhile since I last took out the time to share with you, what has been going on in my life. As I was having Daddy and daughter time last night, God impressed upon my heart to finally open up about what this last season has been about. I am currently at the end of my transition season, as we near towards the month of May, I will end the very long journey of healing and restoration in every area of my life.

Over the past two years, Daddy has been downloading vision after vision in my life and after a time of testing, He is finally telling me it is time to move forward. Over the past month, God has been re-birthing every single vision that He had given to me, reminding me of them and renewing the inner passion and fire that I once had for them. He is faithful.

I know that my testing season isn’t quite over and there is one last test that I must past with the last week and a half left in April. If there is one thing that I must say, acceleration has taken place in my life. Every day of the month of April has been a download of revelation after revelation and confirmation after confirmation. I mean, God is blatantly in my face about my visions. He is yelling to my heart: NOW! The amounts of visions, dreams, words of knowledge’s that I have had in the past month.. Crazy! Too much to keep up with sometimes! LOL! Just know that things are currently in the birthing stages… FINALLY!

Confirmations from billboard signs, numbers, prophesies, car license plates, names of stores, random words written in the most random of places, t-shirts that people wear, random people coming up to me telling me this and that… I mean, when I say God has been in my face, GOD HAS LITERALLY BEEN IN MY FACE! So much has happened… Sometimes I feel crazy, but I am reminded by God and spiritual leaders that I am on the right pathway and to continue taking leaps of faith.. April is just the beginning of it all!

2014 has been one of the biggest shaking years that I have ever experienced. The old foundation was torn down, ripped out and I become this undone, broken woman in Daddy’s presence. But that is the best place to be in, right? I can’t say that it wasn’t hard, but I know that it has been so completely worth it all! All of the tests, all of the hard times, all of the heartbreaks, all of the pain… Has been so worth it! It has built me into the spiritually strong woman that I am today! I am no longer taking no for an answer!

My testimony is soon to come…. I know this fight will be won in prayer, praise and in the King’s presence! I am excited with the current movement Daddy has been doing… Watch and see…

Dancing Dreamss.


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