Where Have You Been!?


Isaiah 43:1-2

Eternal One: Remember who created you, O Jacob?
        Who shaped you, O Israel?
    See, you have nothing to fear. I, who made you, will take you back.
        I have chosen you, named you as My own.
    When you face stormy seas I will be there with you with endurance and calm;
        you will not be engulfed in raging rivers.
    If it seems like you’re walking through fire with flames licking at your limbs,
        keep going; you won’t be burned.

First of all, my deepest apologies that I have not been writing for a good 9 months. It has been an INSANE faith journey this past year, especially once summer hit! Not only has it been a massive faith journey, but also a year of deep inner healing from my past.

I cannot lie, I honestly did not think that I would make it through 2015 alive, but that is a whole other blog post on its own.

I am just glad to finally be back in the swing of things.

I thought that I would quickly take out some time today to update you all on what is going on with the blog and my plans for the future of this blog.

For the year of 2016:

  1. I will blog regularly. Goal: once a week.
  2. First blog post explaining my faith journey of 2015 will be released on 1/28/16.
  3. I will share all the current happenings in my life and all of the goals and plans that God has placed deep within my heart, as Holy Spirit leads.
  4. As the presidential elections are coming up this year, I am going to share my biblical viewpoint on some hot topics that are currently being debated among the nation.


God is ever faithful. You never have to worry about what He is doing or know FULLY what He is doing, for we know that in Jeremiah 29:11, God promises that all things (both good and bad) work together for those that truly love Yahweh! Even when you are going through the tests and trials of this life, know that you are not alone and you have brothers and sisters locally, nationally and globally, going through the same thing.

So keep your head up and keep the joy! Learn the lesson that God is trying to teach you in this season of your life! Let Him shape, mold and sharpen you, so that you may grow up in your most holy faith, being perfected as unto Jesus, our bridegroom!

Stay faithful to the end, saints.

Katheryn…. ❤


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