Raising the Bar.

Yahweh laid it so heavily on my heart yesterday, and those closest to me experienced the frustration, tears and grief that I have against the lukewarm church and the lost right now:

It is NOT ENOUGH that we are lukewarm! It is no longer time for us to play around about kingdom business! Be it prayer, fasting, worship, repentance or whatever else! We must step it up and get serious! Yahweh wants a pure and militant bride! We are heading into the last of the last days and so many in the church are asleep!

for the light is making everything visible. That is why it says, “Wake up, sleeper! Arise from the dead, and the Messiah will shine on you!”

Ephesians 5:14 ISV

Yahweh is calling a virtuous and holy bride, not those that are willingly and deliberately living in their sin! Grace and time is running out! Repent while there is still time! Run into His living arms while there is still time! Seek His face while there is still time!

Where are the Christians that are willing to be lights and examples to every one around them? Where are the Christians that are willing to warn the lost that are still living in sin and on their way to Hell? Guys. Hell is real and it is eternal. Where is our heart for the lost? Those that will spend eternity in hot, scorching and tortuous fire? This Christian walk isn’t just for us Christians and we need to quit being so selfish about sharing the gospel. This isn’t about us and it never HAS been! It isn’t just another “bless me” club and then I head straight to Heaven but forget about all of those that are around me that are still lost! Where are the Christians that are willing to stand up for TRUTH and the GOSPEL, despite the persecution they may receive? Wake up American Church! It is coming sooner than we all think.

I ask all of you, my fellow Christians, to take a moment, especially with Rosh Hashanah and the high holy days coming up, to examine yourselves and pray unto the Lord and see if there be anything that might offend Him. Let us raise the bar, starting now. Let us preach the gospel and fulfill the Great Commission in these last days. I am not exempt from any of this, I am doing the same thing and I am right there right along side of you, rooting you on and praying for you!

Keep the faith and keep running and enduring through the good fight! He is faithful to complete all that He has said that He will do!

Yahweh bless you!

Dancing Dreamss.


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