Big Things for 2017!

There is a stirring in my heart and I keep hearing the Lord saying for the past couple of weeks: “It is time! It is time! It is time!”

Oh, Lord, stir our hearts! Let us be revival starters every where we go, sharing Your love with every one we encounter! Let them encounter Your Love!


So what does this mean for Dancing Dreamss Ministries?

  1. Local Bible Studies starting January 2017
  2. Evangelism on the streets starting January 2017
  3. Missions trips in 2017
  4. Business ideas being implemented in 2017
    1. Mary Kay, Inc.
    2. For Such a Time As This: Jewelry, Accessories & More

All of those business ideas will fund the ministry (For Such a Time As This) and living expenses + ministry (Mary Kay, Inc.), with Mary Kay, Inc. being the main income provider for me and my future family and my own business idea, For Such a Time As This, going straight to all things ministry related.

Of course, I will still be keeping my blogging and dance ministry, but it is now time to EXPAND, make connections and impact the community, states and nations for Jesus Christ and the prophetic movement!

Y’all, my heart is so full. I praise only my King, Yahweh, for the high places that He is taking me to, expanding my borders. I do this solely for His Kingdom and for the people. I am not seeking a platform or a title.

I used to hide my calling all of the time due to fear and what people to think. Would they think that I am not experienced enough for full time ministry? Would they think I am not qualified? Will they question me because I might not be spiritual enough? She doesn’t even have a title or ministry degree! She doesn’t even have a massive platform!

Who cares!!!!! I don’t care what people think about me anymore!!!!! I am taking high steps to my calling and it is time! Think what you like, Jesus is my Lord and I follow His orders, whether any one thinks that I am ready, qualified or spiritual enough!

I love you!

Dancing Dreamss.


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