Transition & Leaps of Faith.


So, as few of you may know, I changed jobs as soon as I got back from my trip to Baltimore in October. It has been an amazing, yet stretching journey. Let me tell you. God had been leading me to quit my at-the-time job as a cashier for quite a few months. I tested the borders of grace and continued moving forth in blatant disobedience to God’s command and ultimately suffered the consequences of it. A lot of you know that I had been working midnights (different jobs, different locations, though) for 4 years. It started to wear on my body. Let me tell you, you have to be graced to do midnights, otherwise, you will NOT make it. It is unnatural to the body. Many times, my body would try to revert back to its normal function of sleeping nights, instead of days, and many times, I would walk into work feeling (and sometimes, looking) like a zombie. Then, a few months later, I began to physically reap the consequences of my disobedience to King Jesus. I started getting massive dizzy spells, always felt tired and sometimes even felt like bricks were constantly weighing down on my body. Then, I began to feel irritated and have intense lack of peace about being there. I kept ignoring all of this. You would think by this point that I would get it, huh? Nope. Lol! Disobedience is no laughing matter, but when it comes down to it, I laugh because of my stubbornness. I need to use that same stubbornness in the Kingdom of God. Then, I was ready to leave my job and I started putting out applications. However, I had a “fear of man” demon whispering in my ear “but what about what other people think?” and “what will they think of you? Just a quitter, huh?” So, many times, fear and reason tried to thwart God’s plan for me. Then, the day before I was supposed to leave for Baltimore, I had zero money saved up and no job interviews in near sight, and God tells me to call off and put in my two weeks notice, right before I left for Baltimore. Wait, what!?

You heard me: God told me in that very moment, it is time to put in your two weeks notice and you know what that means? You won’t have a job waiting on you when you get back into town. Yep. Which means that you actually have to rely on God fully this time and trust that His plan is perfect and that His provision awaits me on the other side of all of this. Stretching. Building. 

Now, my best friend can tell when I am trying to lie, so when Holy Spirit told me that, I tried to fake it and say “Oh, I can make it to work tonight. I will be fine and I will put my two weeks notice in the next day.” Then, I bust out in laughter and she knows that isn’t what Holy Spirit told me to do.

So? What did I do next? Well, I obeyed Holy Spirit and took the massive leap of faith. I called off and I put in my two weeks notice right before I left for Baltimore. You want to know what happened next? I was afraid, but I felt free. I trusted in God. It was hard a lot of times and I honestly wish that I could have spent this past month of unemployment in rest vs. worry.

Today? Here’s the story: Within 2 hours of putting in my two weeks, I was driving through Pennsylvania with the best friend on my way to Baltimore and received a call for an interview the day after I got back. Then, I had 3 total interviews in the past month and now I have a job. God provided. It may not have been what I thought it should look like, but He did provide in the way that I needed.

My point: Trust God and make that leap of faith. Trust me. You will see His faithfulness during and after.


Dancing Dreamss.


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